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Donations & Merchandise Lift the Lid on Mental Illness

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Welcome to Hat Day Online Donations. You can make your donation to Hat Day and purchase merchandise using your credit card, via our secure server.


If you’d like to donate to a particular Hat Day event page, for example your company’s or your friend’s, just use the link. If you don’t have it, ask your Hat Day ‘Head’ to email it to you. Then you can make an easy credit card donation – any time you like.
Donations over $2 to Australian Rotary Health are tax deductible. Our preferred payment method is online. However, if you are unable to donate via the website and require receipts, please email or post your receipt sheet (part of the Host Kit) to us, and we will sort it all out for you.
Your donation to Australian Rotary Health is significant in ensuring that Australians of all ages, from all walks of life, will lead healthier lives.


$20 - could fund an individual’s 10 week phone support program trial.
$50 - could subsidise a new treatment session for a study participant.
$100 - could fund a 5-10 person research focus group.
$500 - could fund a person’s professional mental health first aid training.
$1000-$5,000 - Corporate Giving, please contact our office if you would like more information about our Corporate Giving program.

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When you make a donation on Hat Day you're doing a wonderful thing - shining a light on mental Illness in Australia by helping Australian Rotary Health fund vital research Into treatment and cures. We're proud to say that every cent of your donation goes to funding these high quality mental health research projects around the country.

Chances are you know someone with a mental illness. In fact 1 In 5 Australians are affected by a mental Illness in any given year. It may be anxiety, depression Alzheimer's, anorexia, schizophrenia or a whole range of other conditions.

When you break an arm you get it fixed. Mental illness is like an injury - only it affects our thinking. It affects our mouths too because it's hard to talk about.

Australian Rotary Health is passionate about shining a light on this tough subject, and even tougher opponent - mental illness.


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Australian Rotary Health
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ABN: 52 006 119 964

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You can put the money straight into our account or at any NAB branch or alternatively you can direct deposit the amount online:

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Account Name: Australian Rotary Health
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* Please make sure we can easily identify which club or organisation the donation has come from. For Rotary Clubs, please use ‘RC of ...’ and for businesses from large organisations, please try to identify your branch location in the reference.